The sure fire way to donate to PgUS is to join our association. However if you would like to go above and beyond just joining or would prefer to keep a low profile, donating to PgUS provides financial support to any number of United States PostgreSQL activities. You may also view our monthly financial statements.

Our activities include but are not limited to:

  • User group support

    To support the needs of PostgreSQL user groups.

  • Funds for educational speakers

    To help spread the word, we need to financially support those who are willing to travel for us.

  • Funds for professional services (Legal/CPA)

    We are a business, non-profit but still a business. We need a CPA and Attorney.

  • Trade show attendance

    Various sundries required for successful trade show representation

  • SWAG creation

    T-Shirts, Flyers, Educational materials

You may also review our financial statements here.

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