1023, banking and membership

Just a quick update for everyone. I received confirmation last Friday that our excellent attorney's at DWT (http://www.dwt.com/) had filed our 1023 with the IRS. I will work on getting that up on the website shortly. Apparently the IRS still requires the 1023 to be filed via dead trees; the document is large and will need to be scanned.

Grants, the money kind

The board has been busy prepping for the 1023 filing and part of that filing is to determine how we will be providing grants to members. This is the first run of how those grants will be allocated.

Grant types:

  • There will be two types of grants:
    • General grants - General grants are those that we don't plan for. It may be for a someone to give a talk at a show or to write a HOWTO.


In a recent post made to pgus-general [1], Josh Berkus makes an interesting point about the PgUS grant process. The PgUS grant process is currently designed in a way that restricts the benefits of the grants to PgUS members. It was designed like this on purpose (and currently being verified as acceptable via our attorney).

There are several reasons we decided to do it this way and here are my own (why I voted for it):

  • PgUS is all about PostgreSQL in the U.S.
  • Those who pay to participate should receive the benefits of the corporation first.

PgUS Update: 1023, Bylaws and new board member

Just a small update, the bylaws [1] have been approved by the board. That was a major hurdle now crossed. Now our main focus is the 1023. The 1023 is the IRS form that allows us to claim 501c3 status.

The good news is, its mostly done. With the major outstanding issue being the process for applying for and receiving grants from PgUS. We will make sure and get that posted.

Update: Resolutions, Bylaws and Membership

It has been a little quiet on the PgUS front of late but that doesn't mean work isn't happening. We have a new feature on the website that allows anyone to view resolutions that have been brought before the board. You can view those that have passed, failed or all at once. We have also received back what we hope is the last revision of the bylaws from our attorney. Lastly we have also determined our initial member benefits and dues.

Quick update from the front

Spoke with our Attorney today (Greg Hitchcock) he says, "I will try to get you a draft of the IRS application by the last week of April". We have already filed with the State of Oregon, this is the for the Federal 501c3 classification. This is great news because it means we could potentially be done with all of this before OSCON or LWE. At a maximum we will be done by West!

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