Bylaws modification proposal

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Here is what I think is the final list to send:

Section 6. Notice.
* make email notification of meetings the default, members special
request notification by mail

Article II, Section 4, change; the two-word sentence "Annual Meetings.",
coming after the section title "Annual Meeting", could be dropped. (I'd
also propose changing the section title to "Annual Meetings", plural.)

Change the election/board terms to:

´╗┐Election in October 08 for four two year terms
Board members who are elected in October 08 take their seat at the
Annual meeting.

Annual meeting takes place in March.

Founders also have two year terms.

Which means:

Founders are up for re-election October 2010 with their seats being
replaced or renewed March 2010

The four new members are up for re-election October 2011 because they
don't take their seats until March 2009.

Officers keep their seats for the length of their term. If they
are re-elected, board elects new officers (which of course may be the
same people).

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JD - Yes (Proposed via email June 10th after extensive discussion on two different lists)
SD - Yes
MB - Yes

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