Resolution: NYCPUG Associated User Group

Resolution Date: 
Resolution Body: 


1. The corporation wishes to increase its support to PostgreSQL User groups

The United States PostgreSQL resolves that

1. NYCPUG (New York PostgreSQL User Group) shall become an Associated
User Group

2. NYCPUG shall receive donations in accordance with the United States
PostgreSQL bylaws.

3. United States PostgreSQL shall receive 5% of all donations plus any
banking fees, merchant processing fees or corporation fees associated
with the NYCPUG.

4. Donations beyond the 5% and fees shall be earmarked for NYCPUG use.

5. United States PostgreSQL shall provide professional services such as
book keeping, legal services and technological services as requested by

6. United States PostgreSQL will register a Doing Business As name of

6. The authorized contact of NYCPUG shall be Jonathan S. Katz

Action Date: 
Vote Record: 

MAB: +1 (via email 2012-12-19)
KK: +1 "works for me" (via email 2012-12-19)
MW: +1 (via email 2012-12-19)
JD: +1 (via email 2012-12-19)
RT: +1 (via email 2012-12-20)
GSM: +1 (via email 2012-12-20)
BM: +1 (via email 2012-12-20)

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