Simplifying PgUS membership

Resolution Date: 
Resolution Body: 


1. The corporation wishes to make the ceiling to membership simpler and
more community orientated.

The United States PostgreSQL Association resolves that

1. The professional membership fees shall be reduced to 25.00 per year.
2. The student membership shall be reduced to 10.00 per year.
3. The professional and student memberships may be waived by application
to the membership committee showing PostgreSQL community participation.
4. It shall be at the membership committees sole discretion what
qualifies as PostgreSQL community participation.

Action Date: 
Vote Record: 

JD: Proposed (and, presumably, +1) via email
MB: +1 via email
BM: +1 via email
KK: +1 via email
MW: +1 via email
GSM: Aye via email
RT: +1 via email

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