PgUS: Fall 2009 Board Elections: Nominees: Michael Brewer

Nominee Name: Michael Brewer

Current United States PostgreSQL (PgUS) standing: Secretary

Email: mbrewer --- a t --- gmail [ dot ] com

Brief Bio:

I am an Application Programmer Specialist for the Franklin College Office of Information Technology at The University of Georgia. I develop PostgreSQL-backed web applications used daily by UGA faculty, staff, and students. I also teach occasional seminars at UGA in web development with PHP and PostgreSQL, have worked PostgreSQL booths at regional conferences and OSCON, and have given presentations on PostgreSQL, web development, and/or open source in academia at local, national, and international conferences.


If re-elected, I hope to continue work on our education subcommittee, promoting the use of PostgreSQL (and open source in general) in academia. I would also like to help PgUS grow and expand, especially in recruiting membership, via more PgDays and granting assistance (where possible) to local PUGs. It has been an honor to work for the PostgreSQL community these past two years in getting PgUS up and running; I hope to continue to serve in the future.