PgUS: Fall 2009 Board Elections: Nominees: Kevin Kempter

Who Am I?

My name is Kevin Kempter. I've been nominated for one of the open US
PostgreSQL Association board seats.

I've been a USPG Professional member since March of this year (2009).
Although I'm not a PostgreSQL contributor I am an active community member.
I present a 45minute tutorial at PG East this year (March 2009) and I
presented two 45minute tutorials at PG West this year (October 2009).

My recent career path has allowed me to grow as senior PostgreSQL DBA which
has also allowed me to show many clients how PostgreSQL can meet their
respective enterprise class database needs. At the same time I've made
progress as a “community builder”. I've worked toward generating additional
interest in PostgreSQL, and I've started a seemingly successful local
PostgreSQL Users Group (DIAPUG).

Professional info

I'm a career DBA going back to the early 1990's. I have a Bachelors degree
in Technical Business Management and an MBA with an eBusiness focus. My
career has been a blessing in that I've moved from developer, to DBA, to
Data Architect and beyond. Today my clients look to me as an expert
PostgreSQL DBA / Data Architect. This career trajectory has allowed me to
bring multiple benefits to the “table” - drawing from my history/experience
in areas such as database development, data warehousing, DBA/Architect
techniques and business skills. I've been working with PostgreSQL as a DBA
since the 7.x days.

I'm the founder of “Consistent State” – A PostgreSQL Professional Services
Shop. In 1998 I formalized my work as an independent consultant in the
database arena with the formation of Kevin Kempter, LLC. This has served me
quite well as an independent. Today I have 3 employees and we're formally
launching our company “Consistent State” in January 2010. We'll be working
toward branding the company and leveraging the new brand to offer
PostgreSQL consulting and training services while at the same time
implementing multiple “marketing campaigns” designed to increase awareness
and generate interest in the use of PostgreSQL. We've worked with clients
across multiple industries (past and present) such as:

• A project for Stanford University (for the NASA SDO Project)
• Several web/email filtering companies
• Online retail
• Online services
• Start up shops
• Online video streaming and metric collection services
• Wireless Telco Services
• etc

How do I line up with the USPG Goals

"Who we are:
We are open source software community members in the United States,
establishing a regional association for the use and development of
PostgreSQL, its derivatives and related projects. Anyone is welcome to

I'm a true open-source bigot. I live and breath open source
systems and integration. I'm always showing off how I/We can
do more, doit better and doit faster than with the typical
closed source counterparts. Including Linux, Linux desktop
tools, and of course PostgreSQL.

"Short-term Goals (First 12 months):
• Become a 501(c)3 (Done!)
• Continue the support of the PostgreSQL Community Conference series
including West, East and PGDays at OSCON and LWE. West, OSCON and LWE
supported in 2008
• Establish a grant program to sponsor advocacy and development of
PostgreSQL. Done! look for first grants after elections
• Work with international PostgreSQL associations to achieve common

Intermediate goals (First 24 months):
• Establish and support user groups in all major regions of the US
(Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, South, Northeast)
Goals for the next 3-5 years include:
• Establish mini-conferences (PGDays) at all major Open Source
conferences in the US.
• Create curriculum for PostgreSQL.
• Establish regularly scheduled educational workshops for PostgreSQL."

I have both technical and business skills I can offer up to
help in these areas. I'm already doing some similar things in
parallel such as my local PostgreSQL Users Group and my
upcoming market campaigns per Consistent State. I believe
that much of my background and education will allow me to be
a valuable asset to the USPG board.

Thank you for your consideration!