PgUS: Fall 2009 Board Elections: Nominees: Joshua Drake

Name: Joshua D. Drake

Nick: linuxpoet

Current United States PostgreSQL (PgUS) standing: Director and President

Brief Bio:

A FOSS contributor since 1997, I am also a PostgreSQL.Org Major
Contributor, Director for Software in the Public Interest, Director and
President of United States PostgreSQL. Commercially, I am also the Lead
Consultant of Command Prompt, Inc.

I am also an active community presenter within major conferences and
user groups.


If re-elected I will seek to continue my role as President of PgUS. My
primary goals will be growing PgUS membership and its influence in the
community. This will be done through cross community interactions such
as presenting at User Group Meetings (Pg and Others), Non Pg conferences
such as OSCON and SCALE, and my continued organization of the United
States PostgreSQL Conference -- East and West.

I also intend to build out a professional partner base for United States
PostgreSQL with the intention of creating a stable fiscal platform that
will provide grants, sponsorships and other financial and educational
opportunities for members.