PgUS: Fall 2008 Board Elections: Nominees: Robert Treat

Nominee Name: Robert Treat

Affiliation: Database Architect, OmniTI: Author, speaker

Email: xzilla --- a t --- users [ dot ] sourceforge [ dot ] net


Most of the current board knows me well, and I'm sure many of the members do
as well, but for those who do not, I think a few words about my background
might be in order. I am a long time PostgreSQL user (started back in the 6.x
days), and have been working with the project as contributor for many years
now, having been recognized as a Major Contributor for my efforts over the
years working on the PostgreSQL website, helping with project advocacy, and
also contributing to a wide number of Postgres related projects including
phpPgAdmin, pagila, mediawiki, serendipity, check_postgres, planetpostgresql,
and a whole host of others. I've also worked outside of the PostgreSQL
community, speaking at industry conferences such as OSCon, PHP/DB|Works, and
Ohio Linuxfest, helping to run a local PHP users group, and representing the
Postgres project within groups like SPI, and at the Google Summer of Code
Mentors Summit.

It is actually this later type of experience that makes me most interested in
serving on the board of PgUS. One of the key differentiators between
PostgreSQL and many other open source projects is that we are a community
driven project, and I see PgUS as being the next step in helping grow and
solidify the PostgreSQL community. Many of the goals laid out by the group
are also goals that I have long held; through books, conference
presentations, mailing list participation, and other avenues; I see the
advocacy work I have done as a natural fit, and something I think we can help
others begin to work on as well.

I look forward to working with the members of the PgUS group, and hope that I
can serve as Board Member for you. As always, should anyone have any
questions please feel free to contact me. Best wishes in making your choice.