PgUS: Fall 2008 Board Elections: Nominees: Richard Broersma, Jr.

Nominee Name: Richard Broersma, Jr.

Affiliation: LAPUG Leader

Email: richard [ dot ] broersma --- a t --- gmail [ dot ] com




- I have been a PostgreSQL user for the last three years. Over time
I've become and active community member by participating in various
PostgreSQL mailing lists and have become an advocate of PostgreSQL
both in the community and secularly.

- In February of 2008 I initiated the launching of the Los Angeles
PostgreSQL Users Group (LAPUG) and have taken the lead in coordinating
speakers, meeting locations, and reaching out to the general public.


- I am a control systems and software integrator for Mangan Inc., I
work in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and solar power


- I want to become a board member of PgUS so that I can have a larger
share in serving the needs of both the project and community. I have
experienced many rewards since becoming a PostgreSQL user and
community member and having this position will give me the opportunity
to help others to do the same.


My goals for PgUS, revolve around its community.

- I want PgUS to coordination with and serve the needs of the
PostgreSQL community. By encouraging the interaction between local
PostgreSQL user groups, PgUS will help the general community and local
PUGs to flourish.

- I want to see PgUS play a major role in reaching out to the general
public. As PgUS is a non-profit organization, it is qualified to
issue television and radio public service announcements to the general
public. Reaching out to the public will draw more people to the
general community and will bolster the membership local PUGs.