PgUS: Fall 2008 Board Elections: Nominees: Greg Sabino Mullane

Nominee Name: Greg Sabino Mullane

Affiliation: End Point Corporation. Long time contributor.

Email: greg --- a t --- endpoint [ dot ] com


I've been an active user, supporter, advocate, and developer of Postgres
since 2000. In addition to work on Postgres itself and many related
projects, I've been an ardent advocate as well, including helping start
the advocacy list, starting the wiki, and doing lots of backend
infrastructure work for I'm dedicated to making Postgres
both the most powerful *and* the most popular database, open source or

If elected, I will work toward expanding the visibility of the group by
working with non-Postgres user groups (e.g. LUGs), other Postgres groups
around the world, and the different parts of itself. I'll
also work to create a larger presence at conferences, both large and
small, and recruit all sort of people to join the group, from developers
to casual users. Finally, I'd like to work with the ongoing
certification effort to create not just certification, but general
training and education opportunities, especially for people coming to
Postgres from other database systems.