PgUS: Fall 2008 Board Elections: Nominees: Gavin Roy

Nominee Name: Gavin Roy

Affiliation: CTO,

Email: gmr --- a t --- myyearbook [ dot ] com


I have been a PostgreSQL community member since the late 90's and have
served the community in as many ways as I am able. I was previously a
member of the PostgreSQL Foundation and currently belong to the
PostgreSQL Funds Group. I have been active in the Open Source
movement, advocating its use in business since 1994. I am currently
the Chief Technology Officer of, one of the larger
social networking sites in the United States.

As a Board Member for the United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS),
I would work to achieve the various efforts as set out in the mission
statement of the organization, including PostgreSQL education and
advocacy. I would help bridge the concerns and opinions of the
PostgreSQL community within the context of PgUS to help build an
organization that is for the project and community, by the community.
I am a proponent of consensus building and working toward common
goals, which I believe will serve me well to help guide PgUS toward
meeting its needs and goals. I would appreciate the opportunity to
help PgUS realize its vision as an extension of the PostgreSQL
community by serving on its board.