PgUS: Fall 2008 Board Elections: Nominees: Chander Ganesan

Nominee Name: Chander Ganesan

Affiliation: Lead instructor, Open Technology Group, Inc

Email: chander --- a t --- otg-nc [ dot ] com


I am a lead instructor at the Open Technology Group, Inc. and deliver a wide range of training focused around PostgreSQL and related Open Source solutions. As an Open Source advocate, I regularly present before corporate customers and at public forums (conferences, etc.) about the benefits of Open Source (and PostgreSQL) in the enterprise.

My experience with Linux, and OSS dates back to the early 1990's, when I deployed the first production Linux services at Arizona State University, and helped to drive the adoption of a range of Open Source technologies within the central IT organization there. From there, I've leveraged and grown that experience in a wide range of settings, including embedded Linux, Firebird, Apache, PostgreSQL, and MySQL implementations in the Telecommunications space, and through the development and delivery of platform tools, automated test systems (SIT/SQA), and training materials/classes in the enterprise space.

As a member of the board, I will leverage my experience in the Open Source training industry to help further the PostgreSQL.US goal of improving the availability of (free) educational materials and courses to the community. I will further help to provide a more balanced view with my experience in helping to further expand the use of PostgreSQL in corporate and embedded environments.