Education Advocacy: Guiding Principles

This page contains Guiding Principles of PgUS's .EDU Advocacy.

    Guiding Principles

  • Due to its rich feature set, adherence to standards, open licensing, well-commented code, and, of course, price, PostgreSQL is an ideal fit for use in education, both in the curriculum and the
    server room.
  • We must not limit our advocacy to academic curricula in computer science research at large universities; we must target multiple programs, including the arts, sciences, the business schools, instructional technology programs, and new media technologies, as well as different types of institutions, from the universities through the community/commuter colleges, the technical schools, and even secondary education and computer clubs.
  • We must find and promote the use of open source applications to assist in the administration and daily tasks of running educational institutions. Where PostgreSQL is not supported in an application, we must port (or support the porting of) the application to Postgres; where the ports already exist, we must ensure the superiority of the Postgres port (where appropriate).
  • We will always strive to do things correctly and well, being considerate, respectful, and helpful at all times.