Education Advocacy: Goals

This page contains Goals of PgUS's .EDU Advocacy.


  • Short-term (now to 6 months)

    • Identify where PostgreSQL is already being used in curricula
      • Network with Postgres curricula developers
    • Identify open source applications used in academia
      • Find out which of them support Postgres (and why/why not)
      • Build relations with the coding teams; try to
        find out the lay of the land
    • Identify all major conferences (Educause, SIGCSE,
      etc.) in .edu IT, including junior/community/commuter colleges,
      technical institutions, and secondary schools
      • Develop .edu contacts
      • Ascertain .edu needs for open source (in
        general) and Postgres (in particular)
  • Mid-term (6 months to a year)

    • Determine priorities for software ports
    • Determine instructors for sponsorship
    • Determine priorities for presentation and publication
  • Longer-term (one year to two years)

    • Implement ports of major apps
    • Start funding curricula development
    • Give presentations at major conventions (Educause,
      SIGCSE, etc.) to gain support and network
    • Publish in major journals, where possible
  • Future (more than two years)

    • Create (or support the Postgres port of) an
      enterprise-class .edu suite (or suites) that could serve as a
      replacement for Banner/PeopleSoft/WebCT for institutions (i.e.,
      helping to improve the Moodle/Kuali/Sakai/dotLRN set of suites)
    • Create an entire undergrad database text and course
      (or set of texts and courses), based solely on Postgres
    • Develop a web programming text and course (or set
      thereof), based solely on Postgres (targeted at LAMP development