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PgUS Board Nominations Now Open

Michael Brewer wrote:

Greetings! We are now accepting nominations for the United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS) board for the Fall 2009 elections; please submit nominations (full name and a contact email address, please) to:


I will contact the nominees (to see if they accept the nomination) and report weekly to pgus-general the list of current nominees.

Nominations will close on November 2nd.

We have three seats available, currently being held by Michael Brewer, Joshua Drake, and Bruce Momjian.

Per our bylaws, you'll need to be a member of PgUS to vote.


Please let me know if you have any questions; get those nominations in ASAP!

---Michael Brewer
Secretary, PgUS

PostgreSQL Conference West: Academic registration open

JD Wrote:

Just like all United States PostgreSQL Conferences, academic registration is free. If you are a student or professor don't hesitate to register here.

PostgreSQL Conference West: Talk descriptions up

JD Wrote:

The draft (mostly solidified) list of talks are now up for PostgreSQL Conference West. You can view them here.

PostgreSQL Conference West 09 registration open

JD Wrote:

After a brief battle with our SSL certificate provider that delayed us two weeks, we have succeeded in beating the naysayers into the ground and are ready to begin accepting registrations for PostgreSQL Conference West in Seattle Washington. The conference runs from October 16-18th and is being held at Seattle Central Community College.

Registration Links

For further information on the conference please visit the PostgreSQL Conference website. There you will find links to hotels, the venue address and (in the next couple of weeks) the pending schedule. For those planning to attend it is strongly encouraged for you to join the low traffic attendees mailing list. We look forward to seeing you there!

PostgreSQL 8.4 Released!

JD wrote:

For those sleeping in PostgreSQL.org just released PostgreSQL 8.4. This is an exciting release with many new features including:

  • Parallel Database Restore, speeding up recovery from backup up to 8 times
  • Per-Column Permissions, allowing more granular control of sensitive data
  • Per-database Collation Support, making PostgreSQL more useful in multi-lingual environments
  • In-place Upgrades through pg_migrator (beta), enabling upgrades from 8.3 to 8.4 without extensive downtime
  • New Query Monitoring Tools, giving administrators more insight into query activity
  • Greatly Reduced VACUUM Overhead through the Visibility Map
  • New Monitoring Tools for current queries, query load and deadlocks

Pick up your copy from a local mirror today!

PostgreSQL at SELF

Michael Brewer wrote:

On Saturday, June 13th, I wound up manning the PostgreSQL booth at SouthEast LinuxFest, in Clemson, South Carolina. This free conference drew a larger crowd than I'd expected; organizers told me there had been some 450 registrants by the day before, and they were expecting a final total of over 500 (with walk-ups). I was on booth duty all day, so I don't know if that figure was accurate, but it was quite crowded (and a little too large for the venue). Clemson didn't seem to be that easy of a place to get to, but it turned out that folks came out from all over; I met people there from Tampa, Warner Robins (GA), Charlotte, and even Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I had nice chats with Baron Schwartz and D. Richard Hipp, among other people; it was a large and friendly crowd, with many people either already using PostgreSQL or in the process of evaluating/moving to Postgres. (Unsurprisingly, several people cited Oracle's acquisition of Sun/MySQL as additional motivation to try Postgres.)

As I did at OSCON last year, I made some balloon animals, but the talk of this year's booth was the old tuba I brought along. (Picture of me in "Army of Smurfs" attire and tuba here.) People would approach the booth, ask, "So, what's with the tuba?"; I'd point out our logo, go, "Elephant, tuba....", and they'd think, nod, go, "Ahhhh!", and stay and chat a while. ;) (Plus, if I ever got bored, wanted to entertain some of the children that were walking around, or got challenged ["do you really know how to play that thing?"], I'd play a little ditty or two on there.) *Great* booth icebreaker; I highly recommend it for future conferences. ;)

To sum up: Great conference, big crowds (especially considering the location/date); if we get a chance, we should exhibit at SELF again next year.

DenverPUG/PgUS meeting rescheduled

JD wrote:

The June DenverPUG meeting that I was going to attend has been rescheduled due to summer conflicts. The current anticipated date is August. Stay tuned!

501c3 Status

JD Wrote:

PgUS (http://www.postgresql.us/) received its 501c3 public charity status today. You can view the determination letter here:


Many thanks to the United States PostgreSQL community and all of our members!

Financials up

Our CPA, Alten & Sakai, has completed the financial statements from August 08 until March 31st 09. All financial statements are publicly available and will be provided on our website here. Thanks to our members and to the United States PostgreSQL Conference Series for helping us with our financial needs.

East 2008 Round Table

JD Wrote:

At PostgreSQL Conference East 2008 we had a round table with myself, Magnus Hagander, and Bruce Momjian. When we set the round table up there was a specific goal. This was not a technical round table. The purpose of this round table was for attendees to interact directly with some Major Contributors and ask questions about the community.

Topics that were covered ranged from finding DBAs, Sponsoring Features, the development model, and patents and licensing. In all it was a very interesting experience to see many of the community ask questions that we normally don't talk much about.

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