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Sponsoring PGXN

JD Wrote:

We are pleased to announce that the PgUS Board has decided to sponsor PGXN. For those who don't know what PGXN is, from the website:

PGXN, the PostgreSQL Extension network, is a central distribution system for open-source PostgreSQL extension libraries. In its first iteration it will consist of four basic parts:

  • An upload and distribution infrastructure for extension developers.
  • A centralized index and API of distribution metadata.
  • A website for searching extensions and perusing their documentation.
  • A command-line client for downloading, testing, and installing extensions.

  • It is our belief that adding extensibility to the PostgreSQL ecosystem will allow for better integration of tertriary projects such as Postgis and py-postgresql.

    Financial Support for United States PostgreSQL User Groups

    JD Wrote:

    As the United States PostgreSQL Association continues to grow we are extending the services we provide to our members and the PostgreSQL.Org community in the United States. I am pleased to announce that we have budgeted for 4000.00 USD to be provided to United States based PostgreSQL User Groups from September 2010 through December 2010.

    Specifically the United States PostgreSQL Association is providing a lump sum pool of 1000.00 USD per month to PostgreSQL User Groups in the United States. This is a trial and will be available from September 2010 through December 2010 after which point it will be reviewed for further applicability.

    In order to qualify for financial support the following must apply:

  • The User Group member requesting reimbursement must be a United States PostgreSQL Member.
  • We must have receipts provided (fax/pdf).
  • There is only 1000.00 USD available in total per calendar month. First come, first serve.
  • The reimbursement request must be pre-approved.

    If you are seeking reimbursement, email treasurer <at> postgresql.us.

    The expenses can be for just about anything as long as it is in support of the User Group.

  • A great opening to SeaPug

    JD Wrote:

    After performing perfunctory commercial duties by teaching a class in Seattle on the 9th, I was given the honor to providing the first talk at SeaPug. As mentioned previously the talk was titled Dumb Simple PostgreSQL Performance and is the talk I have given half a dozen times at various groups in the PNW over the last three months. I am excited to see the Seattle group launch. The first meeting had 14 people (including myself). If you are in the Seattle area and would like to attend SeaPug, point yourself over to their website.

    Seattle PostgreSQL Users's Group

    JD Wrote:

    Last West, a sign up sheet was sent out for people who were interested in starting a Seattle PostgreSQL group. I am please to say that this group has started. Their first meeting is February 9th, 2010. I have the honor of being their first speaker. I will be speaking on Dumb Simple PostgreSQL Performance, which is the same talk I have been giving at various user groups around Seattle (Python, Django, Perl). You can check out there website here.

    Speaking at SPUG January 18th

    JD wrote:

    Continuing our efforts in reaching out to tertiary communities, I will be giving my Dumb Simple PostgreSQL Performance talk at SPUG on the 19th. If you are in Seattle you should stop by. Here are the details:


    If you are so inclined, please come to the pre-meeting at the nearby Elephant & Castle pub on 5th & Union (see map below). We'll be there from 5:00 pm to 6:19 pm.

    Meeting Location

    520 Pike Street, Suite 1800
    Seattle, WA 98101

    PgUS 2009 Board Election Results

    Michael Brewer wrote:

    Greetings! The United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS), in accordance with its bylaws, elected the following three individuals (listed in alphabetical order) to serve as board members for 2010-2012:

    - Michael Brewer
    - Joshua Drake
    - Bruce Momjian

    Thanks to all the nominees and voters!

    PgUS 2009 Board Election

    Michael Brewer wrote:

    Greetings! The United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS), in accordance with its bylaws, is holding an election for three board member seats (currently being held by Michael Brewer, Joshua Drake, and Bruce Momjian).

    Information about the election procedure, timeframe, and links to the nominee platforms are all available at:


    Best of luck to the excellent nominees!

    The election shall begin now and shall run until December 31st; any person who is a voting member (either Professional or Student) of PgUS before December 31st is eligible to vote. The nominees are Michael Brewer, Joshua Drake, Kevin Kempter, and Bruce Momjian.

    One can join (and/or find out more information about PgUS) here:


    PgUS Community Member Update 11/09:

    JD wrote:

    So what is going on and what has happened over the last year?

    First and foremost, I should mention that PgUS is about to have an election for 3 board seats. The current nominees are:

    Michael Brewer
    Joshua Drake
    Kevin Kempter
    Bruce Momjian
    Greg Smith

    You need to be a Professional or Student Member to vote. In order to update your membership to a voting membership open your favorite web browser and go to:


    Your membership dues allow you to serve on committee as well as help PgUS with various expenses from the CPA, the Attorney and of course supporting various community activities such as speakers. For information on our finances you can review our public financial statements which are located here:


    Further with the success of the conference series and the generous membership dues, PgUS is now in a position to start providing grants to relevant PostgreSQL tasks. The first of which are going to be documentation grants.

    The U.S. Conference Series held East and West 09. East 2010 is set to happen in late March or April. You can see slides and videos (still being uploaded) at: http://www.postgresqlconference.org/ . The paid memberships and registrations to these conferences help generate more educational material for PostgreSQL than any other source.

    PgUS has been doing lots of things over the last year:


    * LinuxFest NW 2009 (Joshua Drake, presenting)
    * LISA 2009 (Robert Treat, booth)
    * OSCON 2009 (Robert Treat, presenting)
    * OpenSource Bridge 2009 (Michael Brewer, presenting)
    * Percona Performance Conf (Robert Treat, presenting)
    * PgCON 2009 (Robert Treat, Bruce Momjian, presenting)
    * PgDay San Jose (Robert Treat, presenting)
    * PGDay.eu 2009 (Joshua Drake, presenting)
    * SELF 2009 (Michael Brewer, booth)


    * Atlanta PUG: Michael Brewer
    * Los Angeles PUG: Richard Broersma
    * BW PUG: Robert Treat
    * TriLug: Andrew Dunstan
    * PDXDjango: Joshua D. Drake


    * Summer 2009: Bruce Momjian taught at Drexel University
    * Spring 2009: East 2009 at Drexel University
    * Fall 2009: West 2009 at Seattle Central Community College

    If you would like to continue supporting these efforts and the many efforts to come, we hope that you will do so by joining PgUS as a Professional or Student Member:


    May the end of 2009 be a fruitful for everyone!

    Member Expiry (did you know you are not a member?)

    JD Wrote:

    As most of you have seen at this point, United States PostgreSQL is about to have elections for three board seats. The seats are currently filled by myself (JD), Bruce Momjian and Michael Brewer. You can read more about the election here. In order to vote, you must be a current member of PgUS. Unfortunately we haven't been as good as we should be about communicating expiring memberships to people. Most of our original members became members at West 2008. The majority of those memberships have now lapsed.

    If your membership has lapsed, it is time to re-up. PgUS is now in a financial position to release two grants. As I mentioned in the keynote at West 2009, both of these grants will be awarded just after the new year. In order to receive grants from PgUS, you must be a member. We also need your continued support in financially supporting the U.S. PostgreSQL Conference Series, helping speakers when presenting in locations that require financial sponsorship, and general overhead including financial and legal services.

    Below is a list of usernames of current members. If you are not on this list, you are not a member. You can re-join PgUS here. Oh and before I get 700 emails pointing it out, yes my membership lapsed. It will be resolved by the end of the day.

    artacus professional_member
    Ashish student_member
    avitous professional_member
    brent_friedman professional_member
    clydegoffe professional_member
    dcolish professional_member
    decibel professional_member
    Downchuck professional_member
    KarlenBailie professional_member
    kerr23 professional_member
    kevin professional_member
    kkempter professional_member
    korryd professional_member
    lamar professional_member
    linht professional_member
    mateyuzo professional_member
    mbrewer professional_member
    mklose2 professional_member
    modelright professional_member
    MoonBeast professional_member
    muzazzi professional_member
    nightfox02 professional_member
    oramon professional_member
    piouschef professional_member
    progerssb professional_member
    rhenning professional_member
    richard.broersma professional_member
    stellr professional_member
    vluc professional_member
    WindowzDroolz professional_member
    xaprb professional_member

    PgUS Board Nominations Now Open

    Michael Brewer wrote:

    Greetings! We are now accepting nominations for the United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS) board for the Fall 2009 elections; please submit nominations (full name and a contact email address, please) to:


    I will contact the nominees (to see if they accept the nomination) and report weekly to pgus-general the list of current nominees.

    Nominations will close on November 2nd.

    We have three seats available, currently being held by Michael Brewer, Joshua Drake, and Bruce Momjian.

    Per our bylaws, you'll need to be a member of PgUS to vote.


    Please let me know if you have any questions; get those nominations in ASAP!

    ---Michael Brewer
    Secretary, PgUS

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