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501c3 Status

JD Wrote:

PgUS (http://www.postgresql.us/) received its 501c3 public charity status today. You can view the determination letter here:


Many thanks to the United States PostgreSQL community and all of our members!

Financials up

Our CPA, Alten & Sakai, has completed the financial statements from August 08 until March 31st 09. All financial statements are publicly available and will be provided on our website here. Thanks to our members and to the United States PostgreSQL Conference Series for helping us with our financial needs.

East 2008 Round Table

JD Wrote:

At PostgreSQL Conference East 2008 we had a round table with myself, Magnus Hagander, and Bruce Momjian. When we set the round table up there was a specific goal. This was not a technical round table. The purpose of this round table was for attendees to interact directly with some Major Contributors and ask questions about the community.

Topics that were covered ranged from finding DBAs, Sponsoring Features, the development model, and patents and licensing. In all it was a very interesting experience to see many of the community ask questions that we normally don't talk much about.

Can we do anything more in six months?

JD Wrote:

Approximately six months ago I gave the Keynote at PostgreSQL Conference West 08. This is not an unusual event as I normally present the keynote at each of the PostgreSQL Conference Series events. I recently uploaded the keynote to my Vimeo account so all can see and it is embedded below.

Why do I blog about this now? It is six months later; because I recently watched it and it helped refocus my energies for the keynote for East 09 (which will be posted soon). Reminding each other of our goals is important. What are your goals for PgUS and the community? Have you made in progress in those goals?

Upcoming PgUS Events

JD Wrote:

Now that the very successful PostgreSQL Conference East 09 is over it is time to start looking toward the future. We have a lot of stuff going on with various micro-pg communities around the United States. Here is my current list (things I will actually be attending on behalf of PgUS/PostgreSQL):

  • April 23rd: InnoTech Open Source Panel. I am on the panel and will be representing PgUS and SPI.
  • April 25th: PgDay Linux Fest Northwest. Organizing and Speaking at the event.
  • May 29th: LAPUG . Speaking on PgUS and taking general PostgreSQL questions. Being held at Caltech.
  • June 10th: Denver PUG . Speaking on PgUS and taking general PostgreSQL questions.
  • Sept 19th: PgDay UGA . Organizing and speaking. Being held at the University of Georgia.

I will not be attending any of the major west coast events such as OSCON or Open Source World. I believe we have other board members that will be attending though.

New board member seated

JD wrote:

Please join me in welcoming the four new board members to United States PostgreSQL (PgUS):

* Richard Broersma, Jr.
* Andrew Dunstan
* Greg Sabino Mullane
* Robert Treat

I look forward to moving ahead quickly now that the full board is seated.

Palamida Hot 25, featuring PostgreSQL

JD wrote:

I was recently requested to present at a Webinar about the Hot 25 Open Source projects. I presented for about 15 minutes (about 14 minute in) on PostgreSQL. You can view and listen below.

PgUS Update 02/19/09

Joshua Drake wrote:

United States PostgreSQL members,

I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know what is going on with our little non profit.

* New board
* Volunteers needed
* Upcoming events
* Finances update

In the next six weeks or so we will be seating the four new board members. As a reminder these are:

* Richard Broersma, Jr.
* Andrew Dunstan
* Greg Sabino Mullane
* Robert Treat

To my knowledge all but Richard will be able to attend PostgreSQL Conference East. The current board minus Michael will also be in attendance. This is great as most of us will be able to finally shake hands (even though we have all met in the past) and start getting to work on what I feel will be a great 2009.

We are seeking volunteers for the following tasks:

* Review virtual PBX companies

This is a service we will be offering United States PUGS at no cost to the PUG. Essentially any U.S. PUG will be able to have a phone number, extension and voicemail. The voicemail will be directed as email
to the specific PUG liaison. If you can help with this, please let me know.

* Someone with some Drupal experience or that is willing to learn Drupal a bit. We will be setting up a professional services directory for PgUS members. We need some help developing/configuring this feature
on the website.

Upcoming Events:

We have two upcoming PostgreSQL educational events coming up. The first is PostgreSQL Conference East. It is happening at historic Drexel University from April 3rd to 5th, 2009.

The second is PostgreSQL Day at LinuxFest Northwest. This is a single day event taking place in Bellingham Washington on April 25th 2009.

Finances Update:

We continue our financially healthy trend with approximately 10,000 dollars in our accounts. We expect that PostgreSQL Conference East will generate at least an additional 10,000 for us. This will give us an excellent jump start on offering some grants this year.

Joshua D. Drake
United States PostgreSQL

PgUS .EDU Advocacy Guiding Principles and Goals now online

Michael Brewer wrote:

I've updated the PgUS website with the Education Advocacy Guiding Principles and Goals. Please feel free to send comments and/or feedback.

Also, if you're interested in helping with PostgreSQL advocacy to education, please consider joining our PgUS .EDU committee (.EDUCOMM); send an email indicating your desire/willingness to serve on the committee to secretary (at) postgresql (dot) us.

Thanks for all the laughs 2008!

Joshua Drake wrote:

It is now 2009 and time for a, "Thanks for all the laughs 2008!"

2008 was the year that PgUS spent getting its feet under itself. We formed our board, filed all of our legally required paperwork, paid a lot of money to attorneys, held elections and even managed to have some fun by working on parts of our mission. Many goals for 2008 were met.

We have ensured that when the new board was seated the majority of our logistical infrastructure was in place. CPA, Legal, etc...

Our Attorney is:

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
1300 SW Fifth Avenue
Suite 2300
Portland, OR 97201

Our CPA is:

Alten Sakai & Company LLP
1815 SW Marlow Ave., Suite 218
Portland, OR 97225-5187

We have retained Alten Sakai for not only standard CPA activities but also book keeping and general accounting. The goal being that those focusing on the success of PgUS are not book keepers or accountants. PgUS will be able to focus on actually educating people on PostgreSQL in the United States. Through our relationship with Alten Sakai we will be able to provide monthly financial statements to our members in a reliable manner. Expect to see the first detailed statement in March.

PgUS closed out the year with ~ 10k USD. We have no outstanding payables and only one outstanding receivable. This leaves us with enough money to handle any sundry expenses through 2009 including Accounting and Legal fees.

Our community efforts included:

Our strategy with education. Part of that conversation can be found here:


Michael Brewer who is heading up that strategy will be posting an update to the website shortly.

We worked with PostgreSQL Conference, U.S. to hold West:


We presented at Northern Arizona State.

In 2009:

We will seat the four elected members of the board:

  • Richard Broersma, Jr.
  • Andrew Dunstan
  • Greg Sabino Mullane
  • Robert Treat

We will also work with PostgreSQL Conference, U.S. to hold East, West, and LFNW PgDay.

We hope to hold several free classes and seminars on PostgreSQL as well as continue an aggressive move into education. Getting students and professors to start using PostgreSQL is a key to ensuring a strong relationship with potential new community members over the long term.

We want to hear from our members. How is it that PgUS can help our members with their PostgreSQL needs? How would our members like to participate with PgUS? Are there members out there that have just been waiting for an opportunity to participate? What is that opportunity? What talents do you have and how would you like to use them?

For those who want to help but are not sure exactly how, here are some ideas:

* Drupal expertise
The PostgreSQL.US site runs on Drupal + PostgreSQL

* Speakers (PgUS will sponsor as it is able)
We are actively pursuing every speaking engagement possible. We
need more than one person to handle these engagements.

* Tutorial writers
This can be everything from how do I perform a backup with
PostgreSQL to working with Pylons and PostgreSQL.

* Community incursion
We need guerrillas to start educating other communities on a more
aggressive level and helping make sure that their postgresql
support is top knotch. An very simple example is Drupal. They have
an open issue list for Drupal 7 that is explicit to PostgreSQL.
It can be found here:


Lastly, please make note of our address change. Our new address is:

United States PostgreSQL Association
1767 12th Street
Hood River, OR 97031

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